If you’re here, you’re probably experiencing pain in your body – I want you to know, I’ve been there. After I tried everything under the sun over many years to heal myself from a major car accident, I finally figured out how to relieve my chronic pain. 

It is the combined intelligence of all my education, years of experience, and my personal journey out of pain that has become Jyme™ Bodyworks.

I nurtured my early training by studying under a mentorship with a great Rolfer, Gene Williams. While working with Gene, it became clear I had found my calling and I became certified as a massage therapist at the National Holisitic Institute in 1991. I developed and ran a successful private massage practice.

And then, in 1996 I was involved in a major car accident.

Suffering a major spinal injury, I was left completely disabled for the next five years. The road back to health was long and frustrating.

Three years into the search for answers for daily chronic pain, orthopedic spine experts told me that there was no road back to recovery. With little hope and direction, I eventually discovered  Pilates, a core based exercise regimen, developed by Joseph Pilates.

A year of one-on-one training with a Pilates rehab specialist, Lizz Roman, inspired me to learn all I could about spinal movement, and in 2002 I enrolled in a certified Pilates teacher trainer's course taught by Madelaine Black, founder of ABOW/ Sonoma, now Studio M. I deepened my "movement medicine" education by studying with Norah St. John, founder of Turning Point Studios.

Although I experienced modest relief with the movement medicine, I was still in significant pain and my continued search led me to my first manual therapy workshop taught by Sharon Wieslefish-Giammetto, founder of Center of Integrative Manual Therapy.

During this workshop, I experienced my first significant spinal pain relief.

With renewed dedication, I immediately sought more manual therapy courses and was very fortunate to discover Jean Claude West, a master in kinesiology and manual therapy. Since 2003, I have taken over a dozen of his workshops covering all aspects of the musculo-skeletal systems. Jean Claude's teachings, as well as his one-on-one therapy, carefully brought me back to full health and a full life.

My continued studies also include Upledger’s Cranial SacralMyofacial Release, and Jean-Pierre Barral's Visceral and Neural Manipulation, and Gil Hedley’s Human dissection courses.

It is truly a lifetime of work, study, and continued dedication to pain relief in myself and for others that hasinspired Jyme Bodyworks.

And if you’re curious about the word Jyme… it actually came to me through a dream. During the dream, I was leafing page by page through a book discovering photos of myself demonstrating manual therapy techniques that I had created. At the end of the dream, I closed the book to reveal the cover, "The Book of Jyme" and instantly woke up.

Thirty years later, I am writing the book of Jyme, and because of its effectiveness I have been asked to teach this work to other practitioners in the United States and abroad. You can learn about upcoming trainings here.

When I’m not in the studio, I am a singer/songwriter and have been performing in bands in San Francisco for over 25 years. My husband, Pat and I actively support the local arts community by hosting art openings combined with live music at our own private venue, The Lost Door. 

Laurie is a true healer in every sense.
— Angela Angstmann, MD