Laurie Hall teaches her Jyme™ methodology to practitioners looking to enhance their manual therapy skills so they can become more effective at relieving chronic pain in their clients.

Highly Effective Pain Treatment From the Spine Out

Are you a massage therapist, chiropractor, physical therapist, or hands-on practitioner looking to build your practice?

Jyme will revolutionize your bodywork practice: It’s a new approach to therapeutic, hands-on treatment from the spine out. 

You’ll learn:

  • Easily integratable non-force manipulation and precise, core-based exercises that can resolve most acute and chronic pain

  • Proven tools to use right away to restore more clients, more quickly, more effectively

  • To shift your bodywork mindset: see your practice from a whole new perspective

  • To build your practice and earn more money

Why is Jyme So Effective?

Even the most effective practitioners of traditional therapeutic techniques can take months or years to restore clients to full, painless health. Jyme works in a few sessions – safely and effectively – to resolve problems at the root. How?

  • Jyme’s assessments are simple and robust

  • Jyme re-establishes symmetry in the skeletal structure and rebalances the musculature on the joints

  • Jyme treats from the spine out – restoring range of motion to the joints’ facets and decompressing the nervous system

  • Jyme’s customized exercises sustain the manual corrections by strengthening the core and weaker muscles and ‘rewiring’ the nervous system

  • Jyme builds professional competence and, consequently, professional practice

In our workshops, we cover:

  • The biomechanics of the spine and pelvis

  • Core musculature and its function

  • To quickly assess client’s structure

  • To re-balance the skeletal and muscular system from the spine out

  • Core based Exercises

  • How to build your practice using Jyme

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Penny Mitchell's Testimonial

I was able to take the tools Laurie taught and apply them the next day on my clients, with immediate results.
— Ronan Lennon
Laurie is a naturally gifted teacher who continually inspires me as a student. I look forward to every training session and always leave them feeling confident that I’ve learned something lasting and important.
— Valerie Agnew